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Maybe it was just a fan base showing its appreciation for a guy who turned Indiana into a national powerhouse, and to be honest, they should. Knight is truthfully one of the best basketball coaches ever, college or pro, and believed strongly in the importance of academics. If that was the main reason for the reception he got, then he deserved it..

The biggest hurdle is that O’Brien must find a way to replace Hopkins performance. Hopkins had 104 receptions, tied for the third most in the NFL last year, out of 150 targets, a mark only five wide receivers met or exceeded in 2019. Hopkins also accounted for almost a third of Houston’s targets, receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns last year..

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Speaking of P!NK, those interested in Super Bowl fashion choices could be in luck. For one, you can bet on the color of her hair. P!NK hails from Pennsylvania, so she could be pulling for the Eagles, making the option particularly enticing at 10 1 (she was blond at the Grammys, for what it worth)..

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